Hamlet's - American Taekwondo Academy


"Building strong minds
and strong bodies


Children of all ranks are expected to know our school's basic rules of behavior for the classroom.  We refer to these as the "Four Ways to Behave"

1.   Look and Listen
2.   Answer the teacher  (yes sir/ma'am   no sir/ma'am)
3.   Sit the right way         (legs crossed or kneeling)
4.   Don't move slow or lazy

All ranks need to be able to recite the "Way of Taekwondo", and in addition, students will be learning definitions for the key words and terms in the "Way of Taekwondo".
Yellow belts and higher will be tested on the following word definitions

Way of Taekwondo     A big promise
Courtesy                     Be nice and have good manners
Respect                      Treat others how you want to be treated
Perseverance             Never give up
Honor                         Don't lie and keep your promises
Integrity                      Choose the right way over the wrong way & no excuses
Self-control                 Control your body and your feelings