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Come and participate in our own Taekwondo tournament!

WHO: All ages, All ranks (Students will be grouped by age and skill level)

WHEN: Our last was in October 06.  The next one is not yet scheduled.

WHERE: At our Taekwondo school on Mason Street, Vacaville.

HOW: To register, it is only $25.00 for participation in all events.  Register with any instructor or staff member.


I realize that most of you have never done a tournament so let me tell you a little about the event and how it works.

First of all, let me tell you the purpose of this event.  Many ask about competition and as you may know from reading my background,  I have a lot of time and experience in tournaments as I was winning both a national and world champ title.  During that time and since, I have kept up on what's happening with tournaments and unfortunately, many lack the level of respect and courtesy that our students learn in class.  I am hesitant to refer our younger students to an activity that I feel may not be in keeping with what we teach in regards to respect.  By having our own "mini" tournament, I hope to satisfy the need for some for competition in our own environment so that courtesy and good sportsmanship can prevail.  In addition there are lessons that can only be learned from an atmosphere that puts a little pressure on the students such as a tournament can do.  I hope you all decide to compete, have a great time, and most important, walk away with a lesson learned.


All ranks can sign up for one or two divisions to compete in.  All ranks can sign up for forms competition.  White, yellow, orange, can also sign up for one steps, while all green and above can sign up for sparring.

Either or both can be your choice to participate in.  Just forms, just sparing, (or one steps), or both.

There will be medals given out for all competitors, with the first 3 placements receiving a slightly different medal.  Please read the following for more detailed information on each type of division, or event.


FORMS:   All students may do their current form, OR, their last rank form for competition.  After all students have done their form, judges will total their combined scores with the highest receiving 1st place.  Each judge will use a scoring range from 4 to 9, with 9 being the best.  Knowledge of form, combined with strength of techniques, enthusiasm, stances, eye contact and proper form are all accounted for while being judged.


ONE STEPS:  Only white, yellow and orange belts may do one steps.  The students can do one steps from their current rank or from their last, or any combination thereof.  The one steps will be judged on knowledge, power, aiming, closeness, and correct form.  The first student to win two one steps advances to the next round.  This is single elimination. 


SPARRING :  Sparring is only for green belts and above.  All sparring equipment that is used in class must be on for matches.  Same rules and target areas apply as in class.  A match will be for two minutes.  The first person to score 5 points during that time will win, or whoever has the most points below 5 will win.  In the case of tie, it becomes sudden victory with the next point winning.  There must be two judges to witness a strike for a point to count. Kicks to the head will count as two points, while all other strikes will count as one point.  The winner of a match will continue on while the loser of the match is done.  This is single elimination. 


I am looking forward to seeing you there.


Brian Hamlet