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"Building strong minds
and strong bodies


What does Taekwondo have to offer adults?

Taekwondo is the most practiced martial art in the world, this is a fact, and for good reason.

Let's start with FITNESS!!
A well balanced fitness program is built on what's know as the three pillars of fitness.  These three are Strength, Cardio, and Flexibility.
In our Taekwondo classes, it all starts with warm ups and strengthening exercises that let you progress at your own pace.  Stretching then takes place at the beginning of each class to not only help with ease of movement, but stretching also helps reduce stress that builds up in our bodies from a busy lifestyle.  Within the class itself, you will soon see that your cardio system will be quickly improved through the training. Many students through the years, especially those in the military tell me that when their fitness levels are tested at work, they continually score higher since they began taekwondo training.

Here is a real benefit of being in class.  Many if not most people get very excited about getting in shape and start on a fitness program somewhere like a health club, or on their own.  However; what happens most, is as time goes by, the interest level starts to slip, workouts are missed, and next thing you know, a few missed workouts turns into many, which then turns into a pattern.  A year latter, these same people are still not in the shape they want to be and the cycle starts again.  You may know someone like this, might even be you.  How would you like to start a fitness program that not only works on your fitness, but also on your motivation.  First of all, when you come to class, you have the instructor to not only train you, but also we get to know you so that we can help motivate you each and every class.  You won't be doing this alone!  You will meet other people with the same goals and these fellow classmates help each other and look forward to seeing each other in class.  If you find life gets busy and you start to get out of your workout routine, we will take the time and give you a call and help you get back in the swing of things again.  Remember, you are not alone in this!  We are here to help you, help yourself and improve your fitness levels.

Many martial arts address the issue of self defense. traditional Taekwondo, which is what I teach, focuses on strikes, kicks, wristlocks, and pain compliance.  I have been told through the years that students really like the ability to use their legs since the legs have a longer reach than most attackers arms, and the legs can have such power that when trained, can become very effective tools for self defense.  Some forms of Taekwondo and other marital arts focus on much of their time on sports. Here at the American Taekwondo Academy our focus is more on fitness and self defense, with the sporting aspect of martial arts reserved for those students who request it.

Getting started is easy.  The first thing that will happen is that I will personally give you a private lesson to help you learn some basics and orientate you for the class. After that you will join in on the fun with other students who are starting just like you.  We make it very easy to attend class since we are open 6 days a week and teach both morning and evening classes.

We offer a simple two week trial program that not only lets you experience the class, but also provides you with a FREE uniform so that when you continue with lessons, you are all set to go.

Take a look at the information on the left, or the top of the page. Then, give me a call and I will personally meet with you to go over all aspects of our school and talk with you about our taekwodno programs for adults.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Brian Hamlet