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Following are excerpts from letters of appreciation:

Excerpts from letters of appreciation:


" when we first moved to Vacaville Kyle had been affected negatively in the worst way his depression, frustration and very low self esteem was a major worry to us. From the very first lesson with you, I saw a dramatic change in Kyle.  He gained self control, direction and pride.  His eye contact and posture improved greatly as his confidence grew. The "Way of Taekwondo" your example and instruction have positively changed some of my techniques in parenting and living."

                                                                             Andrea Mobeck


" Justin's teacher asked, what is it that made Justin turn his behavior around.  I responded; loyalty, courtesy, respect and perseverance.  I explained to his teacher all these words are taught and required at his Taekwondo Academy."

                                                                             Mr. & Mrs. King


" The Taekwondo lessons stimulated Albert to concentrate on his school assignments, and soon he could do more than the teachers would ask. "


Mr. & Mrs. Mayzeles 


" He has learned how to believe in himself.  He has learned self-confidence, a sense of pride within himself for his accomplishments, and a renewed respect for those around him.   My son has learned more in two months than he had in a year at the other school."

                                                                             T. Petersen 


" I can't describe my great thanks and appreciation for all your hard work and effort in his transition from a sensitive, insecure little boy to a young man able to work out things for himself, very independent, very capable of prioritizing things and strong enough to withstand any challenge(s) that come his way."

                                                                             MaryJane Manzano


" Through the classes, I have come to a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses.  Each day I strive to improve in both areas.  As a result, I am trying to apply the ways of Taekwondo to my life."


                                                                             Jeremy Brockman


" our son, Frankie, has been attending your school for approximately two years.  We have noticed a great improvement in his attitude and skills.  We attribute this improvement to both the great teachings and values taught in your school."

                                                                             Frank & Chris Lucas

" some of them were shy, had a short attention span, were unable to focus on what they were doing, or were just in training to be there.  However, as time elapsed, I have seen many of these children develop into very positive and confident youngsters. what do the instructors teach these children?  Some of the wisdom they teach are courtesy, respect, perseverance, integrity, and honesty.  They are not only dedicated to teaching self-defense; they are also dedicated to the development of the children's character and values.  In essence, they are reinforcing those values taught by most parents that are so important for our future leaders of tomorrow."

                                                                             Mrs. Sommer



" When our grandson, Chester Clark, began Taekwondo, we were concerned that his grades might drop at school due to the three to four nights of instruction, plus the time spent practicing at home.  Much to our pleasant surprise, the opposite happened.  Not only did he make the Honor Roll at school, but he won second place in the Science Fair competition.  It is readily apparent to us that his Taekwondo training has helped him to improve both his concentration and focus."       

                                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Seeley


"You have a special gift with children.  Your classes are always professional & fun for the children.  Your commitment to teaching basic life skills of courtesy, integrity, honor, respect, self-control, and perseverance reinforce what you hope most learn at home."

                                                                             Katherine Castro



"I also want to let you know how much I respect you and appreciate everything you've taught me over the past few years.  I have learned a lot about discipline, diligence, and many other traits that I will carry with me for the rest of my life."


Andrew Bowcock


" Tanner's concentration in school, ability to focus on a teacher or coach, maintaining eye contact with whoever is instructing him following directions, etc. are all directly related to being a student of yours for five years.  He will carry these traits with him for the rest of his life."


                                                                             Brenda & Steve Vice


" It's too bad we couldn't pack you up and take you with us because you are truly a remarkable teacher with amazing patience with the children."


                                                                             Kristy Rodriquez


"I just wanted to let you know that I have taken so much with me from my year of training with you and I can see the effects in my everyday life.  Thank you for being a great teacher and a wonderful person.  I have tremendous respect for what you do and how you run your business.  You are a role model."


                                                                             Tracy Doyle


" again, let me thank you for your work with Michael.  We felt comfortable with your approach from the beginning and have no reason to change our regard for your professionalism and instruction now.  Michael has grown from having been your pupil, not only in his Taekwondo skills, but as a person also."


                                                                             Jack Hepworth


"I wanted you to know that we are very grateful to you for helping us teach Tim become the exceptional young man he is today.  He is courteous, respectful, honorable and responsible.  He has a 4.0 grade average and is liked by all his teachers and fellow students.  So, thanks for being a part in building his character."


                                                                             Karin Ross


"It has been such a joy to watch Bryce and Charles' skills improve so much over the last 18 months.  Your program is excellent and we are very glad we enrolled the boys."


                                                                             Jan Detherage




 An excerpt form an article on Taekwondo:

"A study by T. A. Nosanchuk of Carleton University, for example, found an inverse relationship between aggressiveness and length of martial arts training. In addition to these findings, there are numerous other benefits that accrue from practice of the martial arts.  Physical fitness and the ability to defend one's self are two obvious advantages.  The traditional martial arts also place a very heavy emphasis on mental attributes; students are trained to incorporate self-discipline, mental concentration, and respect for others, not only into their practice sessions but into all aspects of their lives as well.  It must be pointed out, however, that the above benefits derive from the practice of traditional martial arts (as practiced for centuries in the Orient), as opposed to many modern versions of the sport in which the instructors teach only fighting techniques."

                                                          From "Psychology Today"