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Following is a retyped copy of an article that appeared in our local newspaper, The Reporter in the early 90's.
It is about about a boy who was 11 at the time.

An 11 -year old Hemlock elementary school student on his way to school Friday was able to break free from a would-be abductor and de-fended himself with martial arts.
Vacaville police Lt. Craig Rossiter said the boy was walking to school shortly after 8a.m. Friday when the apparent kidnap attempt occurred.
As the boy walked near the intersection of Hemlock and Stinson streets, a man came out from behind bushes and grabbed the boy around this chest and told him not to yell.
Rossiter said the boy was able to break free from the man and then kicked the man's chest, knocking the man back.  The boy is a Tae Kwon Do student at a local marital arts school, police said.
The would-be abductor was described by police as a white male about 40 years old, 6-feet tall with a muscular build.  He had brown eyes and long brown hair pulled back.
Rossiter urged anyone with information about the incident to call police at 449-5200.
(a copy from the original article can be viewed at our school)

I remember the day that it happened very well.  I was teaching an adult class in the mid morning when this boy and his father walk into the Taekwondo school.  The father had a serious look on his face and due to the hour, the boy should have been  in school, I excused myself from the class and approached the father and his son.  The father wanted to tell me what had happened and to personally thank me and the other instructors for teaching his son self defense.  This is a memory that I will never forget.  What could have been a parents worst nightmare, ended up with a happy ending.