Hamlet's - American Taekwondo Academy


"Building strong minds
and strong bodies


Before any student enters into the classes with the other children, they first receive two private orientation lessons.  These are lessons that let me help the children understand what will happen in the classes, teach them a few things, and get to know them and they get to know me.

Once the orientation lessons are done, then students attend classes that are for beginners only.  As an instructor, I teach 33 classes a week!  I teach so many because we like to break down the classes so that the new kids can have a class of their own. 

We are open 6 days a week and recommend that children attend several times a week, however; they may attend as much as they like, we're happy to have them.  Parents have told us that they really enjoy the flexibility of having 6 days to choose from to make life easier.

Our class times for children will vary depending on the day, but we always have classes in the mid to late afternoon and Saturday mornings as well.

To help find out if Taekwondo is right for your child, we always offer a two week trial program that comes with a FREE uniform.  The cost is only $19.95.  At the end of the trial, the uniform belongs to your child whether they choose to continue or not.  Experience has shown that almost all children want to continue and for good reason.  Our classes work with positive re-enforcement and each child can advance at their own pace.  The classes foster an atmosphere of courtesy and respect, so there no children ever feeling out of place.

To find more details on our programs, just give us a call at 448-2600. 
Taekwondo has been said to be the "best thing I have ever done for my child",  come find out for yourself.