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and strong bodies


In my 29 years of doing marital arts, I have been asked a number of times if I offered private lessons.  Due to time constraints and schedule challenges between our regularly scheduled classes and any free time needed for private lessons, I have never had them them as an option.  Recently, quite a few have expressed an interest again, and after much thought, I have decided to give the private lessons a try. 
The private lessons will be done in half hour increments.  Material covered in the lesson can be review to catch up, or we can work on making your current material better.  I will be keeping a log of each student so that we may review and add on in future lessons.  These lessons are only available to people who are already enrolled in our school.  The cost of the lessons will be $20.00 for each lesson.  If you interested, please call the school at 448-2600 and schedule a time for your lesson.

Brian Hamlet
Master Instructor 6th degree