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These are some items that we use in class that can also be used at home. Also there are some other good choices here for gifts. Enjoy!!

10162Century® Original Wavemaster®

  • Constructed for consistent heavy use
  • High density foam padding for maximum impact absorption
  • Sealed fill cap helps to prevent leaking
  • Base can be filled with water or sand
  • Round base for easy relocation
  • Seven hei

  • 1032Body Shield

  • Great for developing form and accuracy when performing kicks and strikes
  • Constructed of reinforced0nylon vinyl and compressed foam for impact absorption
  • Two back strap handles and two side handles provide stability for the holder

  • 2008Mesh Tote Bag

  • Perfect to use inside large sport bags to separate wet or damp gear

  • 12118Foam Cord Nunchaku

  • Foam with 4-1/2 inch cord attachment

    Colors: Black with screened Dragon, Royal Blue, or Red
    Sizes: 8" or 12"

    Not available in Canada

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