Hamlet's - American Taekwondo Academy


"Building strong minds
and strong bodies


WOW!  That is the expression a child has when they see self defense techniques that make up the graceful and powerful movements of the instructor.  However; there is more to learn than just physical movement.  In Traditional Taekwondo, we also place an empasis on "DO" as in TaekwonDO.  "DO" (pronounced Dough) means the way we are going to be as individuals in society.  At the beginning of each class the students recite the following

I will practice in the WAY OF TAEKWONDOwith COURTESY for fellow students
LOYALTY for my instructors
and RESPECT for my junior and seniors

At the end of class:
I shall live with PERSEVERANCE in the way of Taekwondo
having HONOR with others
INTEGRITY within myself
and SELF-CONTROL in my actions

Each of key words in the above two paragraphs are broken down into easy understanding definitions so that all ages can learn.

Way of Taekwondo  =  A big promise
Courtesy = be nice and have good maners
Loyalty = staying friends when it's hard
Respect = treat others the way you want to be treated
Perseverance = never give up!
Honor = don't lie and keep your promises
Integrity = choose the right way over the wrong way, no excuses
Self-control = control your body and your feelings

While the kids love the jumping, shouting and fun movement, the parents like that the kids are learning the same values and manners that are being taught at home.